Eurolite TH-50 Silber

Theaterhaken, silber
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  • Hook for installing projectors, lighting effects etc. via a truss system
  • For truss systems with a tube diameter of 50 mm
  • Only for the installation at horizontal truss!

À         Max. load WLL (4-fold):      15 kg

À         Max. load BGV C1 (8-fold):           7.5 kg

À         Max. load BGV C1 (10-fold):         6 kg

À         Max. load BGV C1 (12-fold):         5 kg

À         Dimensions (LxWxH):        135 x 75 x 30 mm

À         Weight:          0.5 kg

À         Color: Silver

À         Shipping weight:     0.46 kg

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